Trainspotting General Are You Struggling With An Unmet Need? Here’s What To Do: Dr Michael Vivian

Are You Struggling With An Unmet Need? Here’s What To Do: Dr Michael Vivian

Are You Struggling With An Unmet Need? Here’s What To Do: Dr Michael Vivian post thumbnail image

Life presents its own challenges, trials, and tribulations. Often, these struggles latch onto our mental health and drag our spirit through thorns and prickles. Dr Michael Vivian If you are dealing with unmet needs that burden your psyche, know that you’re not alone. With the right assistance and steps, you can secure the help you need to quiet the raging storm in your mind, and gradually find peace and stability.

Identifying Your Unmet Need

Before rushing ahead in the quest for peace, you must first identify the nature of your needs that are unmet. Understanding what is lacking helps in charting a course to solving the problem.

• Physical Unmet Needs: These include a lack of sleep, unhealthy nutrition, insufficient exercise, physical illness etc.
• Emotional Unmet Needs: This might include a lack of quality emotional or social connections, poor emotional support, or even not getting enough time for hobbies and recreations.
• Mental Unmet Needs: These include a lot of stress, inability to focus, unfavorable conditions for mental growth etc.

Seeking Help

“Solving it alone” might sound heroic but in reality, it’s impracticable. Seeking help is an act of strength and requires courage.


Therapy can be an effective way of getting professional help. Therapists are trained to understand and manage mental health problems and can guide you in the right direction.

Support Networks

Building support networks consisting of understanding and caring people can alleviate emotional stress to a great extent. Opening up and talking about your feelings with people you trust can bring relief and answer some hidden sides of your issue.

Psychiatric Consultation

If your struggles extend to extremes like persistent anxiety, depression, thoughts of self-harm, it’s essential to consult a psychiatrist. You may need medication in addition to therapy and social support.


Sometimes, we forget to take care of ourselves in the frenzy of solving life’s problems. Below are self care practices that Dr Michael Vivian recommends:

• Mindful Actions: Being mindful about your actions, emotions, and reactions helps maintain mental calm.
• Physical Fitness: Regular exercise and maintaining a balanced diet can greatly improve your mental health.
• Relaxation and Recreation: Investing time in your hobbies, or performing relaxing activities like meditation, yoga can facilitate psychological relaxation.

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