Trainspotting General Dr Lawrence Gray: Can Breast Reduction Surgery Impact Breastfeeding?

Dr Lawrence Gray: Can Breast Reduction Surgery Impact Breastfeeding?

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Breast reduction surgery provides great relief and comfort to many women with physical discomfort and self-consciousness from larger breasts. However, for women who are considering this surgery and anticipating motherhood, they surely wonder if breast reduction surgery can impact breastfeeding. Dr Lawrence Gray will then provide some insight into the link between breastfeeding and breast reduction.

Surgery Technique and Breastfeeding

Depending on the techniques used, some milk ducts, nerves, and glandular tissues connected to the nipple and areola may be affected during the surgery, influencing breastfeeding ability.

When the nipple and areola remain attached to the glandular tissue and breast skin, they retain a greater proportion of their original nervous and ductal connections. This can then can preserve more breastfeeding function.

When the nipple and areola are removed and reattached, then one’s lactation capability may be significantly reduced. That’s because more breast ducts and nerves are inevitably severed in the process.

The Extent of Breast Tissue Removal

The volume of tissue removed during breast reduction may also impact breastfeeding. For that matter, the more glandular tissue removed, the higher the potential impact on milk production.

The Body’s Healing Capability From Breast Reduction

The body’s ability to heal and regenerate post-surgery also plays a crucial role. There are some instances where nerves and milk ducts have reconnected post-surgery, restoring some or even all breastfeeding capabilities.

Pre-Surgery Consultation: Discussing Breastfeeding Goals

While contemplating breast reduction surgery, it’s essential to discuss potential breastfeeding aspirations with your surgeon. If preserving the opportunity to breastfeed is important to you, this should be factored into the surgical approach.

Post-Surgery: Options and Support for Breastfeeding

Even though breast reduction surgery may impact the breasts’ milk production, many women can still breastfeed to some extent. First, you may be able to produce a full milk supply – but if not, any amount of breast milk is beneficial to a baby.

Also, Dr Lawrence Gray lactation support from a professional or peer counselor can help manage the unique challenges of breastfeeding post-reduction. Finally, supplementing with formula or donated human milk may be needed, depending on the amount of milk produced.

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